Employment and Internships

Endless recreation opportunities, burgeoning arts and culture lifestyle, affordable living costs, along with Northern Nevada’s’ rapidly growing economy make the city of Sparks a business and tax friendly environment to play, live, and work.

Sparks’ population is estimated around 92,000, and is projected to grow to over 133,600 by 2030; all the while we bask in approximately 280 sunny days (80%) per year thanks to our high desert climate.

Northern Nevada Family Dentistry offers a variety of incentives for qualifying personnel interested in seeking employment. If you would like to learn about exciting employment opportunities at Northern Nevada Family Dentistry, please contact our office manager, Angie Wood, at to inquire about potential openings.

Employment incentives include participating in the company 401k, group medical insurance, premier continuing education programs, access to the latest technologies and resources to hone the employee’s professional craft to keep their skill set above the curve.

Additionally, we like to help out current dental assistants and pre-dental students who are interested in the field of dentistry as a career, by offering internships / externships. This is a great chance for you to get some hands-on experience and training at a fast-paced, reputable dental practice. We look forward to inspiring you to the bounty of the profession.